Termite Inspections Sydney

Imagine what you would find if you could peel back the roof, floors, ceiling and wall panels to reveal the foundation and internal timber supports. Chances are there are plenty of insects and other pests lurking in the nooks and crannies. Take a longer look at any wood construction to see if there are signs of termites. Do you see obvious damage or mud tunnels indicating the presence of termites?

Since you have all your interior walls and foundations exposed it’s a great time to treat for termites. What’s that? You have no intention of tearing up your house to look for termites! I don’t blame you! I wouldn’t go to that extreme either. The good news is that we can inspect and treat for termites with all your walls, floors and the roof still in place by conducting a termite inspection for only $249!

If you are planning on adding on a room, deck or patio we can pre-treat the foundation and timbers for termites before you finish out the room addition. This is a long lasting solution as we spray the termiticide under the foundation slab and support timbers. We can also spray into the openings where plumbing and electrical lines are run. These locations are favourite hide-aways for termites so spraying in these opening provides additional insurance against a termite infestation.

Decks are especially susceptible to termite damage. Look for timbers that are pre-treated to prevent termites. When in doubt, we can advise on the best materials you can use.