Termite Bait Boxes and Monitoring Stations

Your termite professional may recommend using a termite bait box or monitoring station. This technique is used to attract and collect termites into an enclosure. Once there is a significant number of termites in the box/enclosure, they are treated to a special diet of toxic termite food. Bait boxes are is great for eliminating a termite colony when their activity has been detected, however, using a termite bait box or monitoring station is a method to prevent termite infestation is recommended to be used alongside other techniques.

Termite dust is generally used in conjunction with a termite bait box and is designed to introduce termicide into the general area of the termite box. The dust clings to the bodies of the termites, the termites ingest the dust when they groom themselves and pass the dust along to other termites in the colony. Termites also will eat dead termites so they ingest the product at that time. The termite queen dies as a result of eating the poison. Eventually, the entire colony is exterminated.

A termite bait box is a viable solution for termite extermination, but it shouldn’t be the only technique used. Only a relatively small amount of Termidor dust is needed to eradicate an entire colony. The method fails when not enough dust is used or too few termites come in contact with the poison. Another problem is collateral damage to other creatures that may come in contact with the dust in or around the termite bait box.

We strongly recommend an alternative to using toxic dusts like arsenic as the termite poison. Dupont released Altriset which is a eco friendly termite dust.

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