DIY Termite Control

Can you walk into any pest control store and you can find some kind of termite control product?  Do you know how to use them?

If the product is liquid, you may have to spray it around the exterior of your home under the soil.  Some products are termite baits.  The bait is poisonous and is also placed around the exterior walls of a building where live termites are seen.  The bait is appealing to termites and they pick it to carry it back to their nest.  There the termites nibble on the bait and are poisoned. There are also foaming agent and dust termite control products.  Some products are actually inserted inside a hole drilled into the concrete foundation or support timbers.

There are some drawbacks to using these types of products and to do-it-yourself methods if you don’t know the correct technique.  The main drawback of home remedies for termites is that they are limited in training home owners in doing them properly. If there are termites deeper into the wood or hidden in the structure where the poison applications don’t reach, the damage will continue.

You may spend money and time doing something and still have a major termite infestation. Also, if you are selling or buying a home, these DIY methods are not acceptable as a certified method of eliminating termites.  You need a professional contractor for this type of certification.

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