The Termite Expert’s Inspection Report Sydney

Our termite expert professionals create a written termite report after every inspection. This is critical for a homeowner to keep for future reference especially for someone expecting to sell their home. If you are purchasing a home then ask for a current termite inspection report. What is current? Termites are so prevalent throughout Australia that authorities recommend having a termite inspection every 6 months and minimally once a year. Therefore, the report you review should fall within that timeframe.

What Information Should Be On A Termite Report?

After an inspection our termite experts will create a written report. The report alerts you to the presence of termites and where they are found in the home. The inspection includes outbuildings and wooden structures on your property. Be sure to tell us where the attic and basement entries are located. Termites climb the interior walls and timbers to gain access to food sources. Leaving them undetected in any area is a costly mistake.

The termite expert’s report indicates if any termite damage is new or pre-existing. This is important when reviewing the condition of a home prior to a purchase. Our termite experts also include information about the type of termites found, termites which are prevalent in your area and things a homeowner can do to make a home uncomfortable to termites.

The termite expert recommends a treatment and ongoing termite control program. The termite treatment may include more than one type of product and method to get rid of termites. The typical termite control solution is usually a soil barrier or a termite baiting system.

So there you have it. What to expect from our termite experts when they perform a termite inspection and report.