Termite Prevention Sydney

Termite prevention is always cheaper and easier than termite treatment. You have heard that before, but are you following it?

My dentist keeps telling me to floss, brush and do a mouth wash two to three times a day. I am always in trouble when I visit her every six months! Sounds familiar?

We pest controllers have our own version of prevention advice. You either listen to it or like me get into trouble every six months. I witnessed a domestic fight after I discovered termites in a subfloor. The husband was supposed to clear the subfloor from timber debris but he didn’t and termites were discovered in the subfloor.

Be proactive by:

1) Drying out your home. Termites, like other animals on earth, need water and food to survive. If you can dry out the environment in and around your property, it’ll help prevent termites from infesting your home. By drying out your home you will also make it more difficult for ants, spiders, cockroaches and other insects to infest your home.

2) Improving your subfloor drainage and ventilation. This is a challenging job but vitally important. Fix guttering, leaking taps, remove plants close by your home and ensure you have adequate ventilation.

3) De-cluttering Remove timber and other debris around and from under your property. Timber Formwork is used to hold the concrete structure or suspended slab until it is hardened. A proper builder will remove the formwork afterwards. But unfortunately more often than not they don’t. Once the slab or concrete is hardened, formworks only function is to attract termites! Remove formwork to reduce the risk of termite infestation. Go around and under your property and collect timber material and complete your termite prevention work..

Most importantly, have a regular termite inspection. Sydney North Shore including St Ives is heaven for termites! Call us on 0294547774 and book us for a termite inspection today!