Environmentally friendly termite pest control

I am a bit nervous talking about environmentally friendly pest control! Particularly when it comes to termite control! Remember termites are absolutely beneficial for the environment but when it comes to your home they are not. They will not only causing tremendous stress on you but also by eating your timber, more trees will be cut to replace them. So be a little angry at termites in your home! Installing a Chemical Barrier is a fantastic idea and there are now amazing non repellent chemicals like Altriset and Termidor in the market that are little or non toxic! The best environmental termite control procedure would be termite prevention.

If you are a fanatical green person and do not want to use any chemicals at all. I suggest to start removing termite attractants from your home. Any loose timber around or under your home must be removed. Do not keep plants next to your property walls. They are the source of moisture and water to sustain termites. fix your guttering and leaking taps. Lets not giving termites any excuse to check your place out! Have regular inspections either by doing it yourself or a professional doing it for you. Do not wait until it is too late. Prevention is better than cure! Use termite resistant timber when doing renovation and if you build your home from scratch, use some environmental physical barrier so termites can’t penetrate into your home.

You may ask, what if they are already in my home? Learn more on Eradication Techniques by visiting termitetutorials.com.au . There are some great environmentally friendly pest control products for termites available in the market.  As mentioned earlier, Products like Altriset and Termidor are some of the safest ones. Baiting is generally very safe too. It is safe enough for termites to eat without noticing any problems until the poison kicks in. Some people suggest certain kinds of plants to be planted around the property. I am very skeptic of that! Remember once termites are inside your home, trees need to be cut to replace them. Too much of a good thing can be bad! I had many experience with customers following “grandmothers” tip to avoid termites only to be disappointed and heartbroken. Don’t be one of them! Have regular termite inspections and educate yourselves on termites.